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Communication Workshop Topics

Seminars can be customized to meet your needs and support your culture.
  • Can be virtual or in-person, depending on your preference

  • Are engaging and interactive where participants are encouraged to use real scenarios to practice and discuss where to apply the skills

  • Range from 3 hours to a full day or a series of sessions

Reach Your Potential using the Enneagram – Enriching Self-Knowledge

Effective Communication in a Hybrid and Remote Workplace

Reach Your Potential using the Enneagram – Enriching Self-Knowledge

Managing Difficult Conversations at Work

Reach Your Potential using the Enneagram – Enriching Self-Knowledge

Collaborate to Innovate

Reach Your Potential using the Enneagram – Team Building and Communication

Engaging Meetings People Want To Go To

Managing Difficult Conversations at Work

Recognize and Optimize Stress: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Navigating Through Conflict

Inclusion as a Valued Competency

Giving, Receiving, and Asking for Feedback

Feedback: The Pathway to Growth

Sample Learning Objectives

Building Trust through Communication

This program explores strategies that build rapport and trust. We focus on ways to build self-confidence and to encourage others to have confidence in us. We also explore common barriers in communication and ways to manage them.
Learning Objectives

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  1. Explore what trust is, why it is important, and how to recognize when it may be missing

  2. Identify common errors and barriers in communication that impact trust

  3. Identify ways to build rapport and trust including building self-confidence and encouraging others to have confidence in challenging situations

  4. Create an action plan

Workshop Testimonials

"Debbie is a knowledgeable, well versed facilitator who knows how to engage adult learners and honour their diverse perspectives and styles"
Comment of participant provided by:
Emily Guthro, Professional Development Consultant: Mohawk College

"As President of Canada’s Largest Executive Networking Group, I’m pleased to offer the following recommendation for Debbie Matters - Debbie’s engaging style accompanied with her ability to customize information to meet the needs of the group is a pleasure to watch. She really does focus on getting results and respect.”
Jim Geraghty
President/CEO of HAPPEN

​"I enjoyed Debbie’s informative and thought-provoking presentation. I was impressed with her warm and friendly disposition both one-on-one and when engaging the entire group. I love the simplicity of her approach when identifying and understanding client needs. It is something that I can start to apply immediately."

Brian Sakamoto
Senior Project Management Consultant

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